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It has Mr. right in the name, so how can it be a girl?

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Rename it Ms. Mime then :O
I found a female mr mime, so I kept looking, and when I found a male, I called it ms.mime

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In the first generation of pokemon, R/B/Y, pokemon had no genders. That feature was added in Generation II. So if they wanted to have pokemon of a specific gender, they would have to make separate pokemon, like with Nidoking and Nidoqueeen.

They figured you could just guess as to what gender the pokemon would be. More likely than not, Jynx would be a female, and as is the Case with Mr. Mime, he would be considered male. Though honestly, I think they should have made them one gender only pokemon, like Hitmonlee and Hitmonhan.

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This is another one of those things that you just can't argue with. It's like Golbat evolving into Crobat by Happiness. It's weird, yes, but wouldn't it be weirder if there were two different Pokemon, Mr. Mime and Mrs. Mime? That would mean they both breed Mime Jrs, and Mime Jrs evolve based on gender. Okay, it wouldn't be that weird. But still...you know, just don't bother asking.


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that would acutely be cool
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Because in Japan, Mr Mime`s name is Barrierd, so it would make no sense to make him all male.

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