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It has the move frozen wings, which says:
Discard a Special Energy attached to the defending Pokemon

Does this mean one of those SP Energies or does it mean any old Energy attached?

/ Which one do I discard from my opponent?

P.S: I actually have that friggin awesome Kyurem EX!


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It means far more than just an SP Energy (which is good since those are banned in the current TCG format). Special Energies are any Energy that is not a Basic Energy. Basic Energy are the standard Grass, Fighting, Darkness, Metal, Fire, Water, Lightning, or Psychic Energy.

One way to tell apart a basic energy from a Special energy is that a basic energy will not have any text explaining what it does. And Special Energies will usuaully say "Doesn't count as a basic Energy card".

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The SP card.
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The SP card.
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