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i wanna fuse them tho


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You will always be able to unfuse them. They will not unfuse if you fuse them unless you unfuse them yourself( so there is NOT a time limit)

Just a warning about fusing them, you won’t be able to transfer this to other games because Kyurem-B/W take up 2 Pokemon’s storage space.

Also all levels/evs gained go to Kyurem.

Source: Experience and White Kyurem is cooler than black Kyurem.

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Well, I think you should make a White Kyurem because Zekrom is cooler than Kyurem and Reshiram and Reshiram is lame unless it’s mixed with Kyurem.
thanks but i want a physical pokemon like black zekrom, but i can train its IVs and EVs to max
I didn’t mention that but if you fuse with Kyurem, the EV/IVs it Uses are from Kyurem. Kyurem-B will always have the Kyurems Nature and Ivs, including Evs gained.
oh okay thank you very much, this reply helped me a lot. ( sorry for bad english )