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> To use the relocater you must have 2 Nintendo DS systems,the Pokemon
> game you have your legendary dogs on and your Pokemon white
> game.1.insert your Pokemon white game into one nintendo ds,then put
> your Pokemon game that has your legendary dogs and celebi on it into
> the other nintendo ds system(make sure that you have the dogs and
> celebi in the box or else it will not work).2.Turn on the ds that has
> your Pokemon white inserted in it go to the title screen and select
> the relocater option once it asks you if you want to continue select
> yes,then set that ds aside for now.3.Turn on your second ds(make sure
> the game is inserted inside of the ds)then select DS Download Play,
> wait a couple seconds,when it shows "Pokemon White version relocater
> program" select that,download the software,wait a little;then once
> your ds with Pokemon white in it says "activating relocater please
> standby" it will search your seccong ds game for event Pokemon in this
> case your dogs and celebi,then it will tell you how many Pokemon it
> found, select yes.4.then it will send your event Pokemon to your PC
> into Pokemon white and best of luck continuing on your search for I
> assume Zorua and Zoroark.

Sorry for my long answer
Good Luck!
Source: Me and my broken DS :p
P.S: These events have been long gone...so yeah

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Correction: "Source: My broken DS and I :P."
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The Relocator is used to transfer any of the four Pokémon distributed to commemorate the thirteenth Pokémon movie—Celebi and the Shiny legendary beasts, Raikou, Entei and Suicune. The machine allows players to transfer over these Pokémon before they can access the Poké Transfer, which is only available after first beating the game, allowing players to obtain Zorua or Zoroark at an earlier time.

These events were over a long time ago...


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