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Tepig is a fire type. Pignite (Tepig's evolved form) is a fire type and a fighting type. Emboar (Tepig's fully evolved form and the evolved form of Pignite) is also a fire type and a fighting type. Why is Pignite and Emboar both fighting types.


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Coverage. For making things easier for beginners. Here's what I mean :

  • Firstly, no longer any weakness to Rock-types
  • Then, the amount of Rock types in-game( I mean, without repels, a Boldore is a constant menace/ nuisance)
  • The 2nd and 7th Gym become much easier to defeat. Specially the 2nd gym.
  • Moves like Brick Break/ Arm Thrust, which are generally strong get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), so they hit harder.

You see, if one is playing a Pokemon game for the first time, then defeating gyms becomes a challenge. So to help such beginners, Gamefreak made it that way. Fighting is one of the best offensive types, and hence it suits the style of those who go for the kill, i.e. focus on Offence, rather than Defense.

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it could be Lazy designers with no new idea, though.. :P
Lazy guy: I got no creativity, no patience, no time AND no imagination to do this. Let's just repost the previous Gen Fire-Starter types.

And you know, they all went along with him. The End.
Tbh i doubt they made it fighting to cover its rock weakness.
Afterall why are not other fire evolutions fight/fire.
And the typing im sure would have been chosen before the learnest so the whole stab thing is kinda wrong in a way.

DA is completly correct as they designed him and wanted it to be like that.  
If we were to be going by any reason its likely because it looks part fighting.
Thanks. Now I understand.
i know DA's right. But I decided to answer. As for why not other Fire type evolution, the fire starters of 3 gens (3,4,5) do evolve in to pare fighting types. Other fire Pokemon, it becomes COmpletely un-original, so a diversity to maintain balance and fun is kept by Gamefreak. But yea, again, no telling Why Gamefreak did that.. Yes, but then, Emboar's and Pignite's artwork/ design could be changed the same way their types could.. U see, Gamefreak does not see.. It just wants us play the game, and not worry about Why it wanted Pokemon to be the way it is...
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Because GAMEFREAK wanted this. Nothing past that.

Not really helpful. Thanks anyway.
You are not gonna get more info than this. From anyone.