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Elekid has Static ability(touch with Pokemon may cause paralysis). But, Electrivire, it's final evolution doesn't have Static Ability. Will this new evolved Electivire lose it's ability or will it retain it?


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Correct. Elekid will lose Static when it evolves in to Electivire.
You can elect (:3 Dodgy puns XD) to keep Elekid as Electabuzz, it's second stage form, to have Static. Electivire will instead have Motor Drive over Static.
Vital Spirit on the other hand will be kept since all 3 have it. It's also their dream world ability. :D

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Dat pun /.\
haha, thanks :D
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It will lose it's ability, and will get Motor Drive instead. And Motor Drive is generally better anyway. If it has Vital Spirit, it will stick because all three of them have it. So basically, it will keep the ability if the evolution has it, but if the evolution has a different one, it will change.
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