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So Elekid has something that looks like a plug on his head. And he generates power by whirling his arms. And Electivire has something like an outlet on his back. So would Elekid be plugged into the back of Electivire and charge him.

This is the most impossible to answer question since that one about catching Godzilla in a Pokeball.
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well,if that could happen,it would be a little odd....

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Umm no that would be kind of weird. Plus the Electivire doesnt have holes in its back, those are just markings, like the black lines on Elekids arms and belly.

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Hmmm. Ok well it was a thought.
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There really isn't any, evidence for this.
I checked a few Elekid Episodes and Bulbapedia and Serebii trivia but no sign.
This could be possible though has never been shown ingame or in anime.
But I like your idea :D