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>As you rank up the avenue, you can get various assistants to aid you in the organisation and running of the Join Avenue. You can have four at any one time, getting more as you rank up your Avenue, and have the ability to change their roles at will. The roles they have are as follows
Assistant 1 - Registration: Allows you to change the avenue's name, change your title, your phrase and allow you to go through and greet everyone.
Assistant 2 - Shops: They will tell you which stores would be best to open up within the avenue
Assistant 3 - Organisation: This secretary will allow you to move Pokémon in your boxes, check everybody you've passed's records, change the roles of the secretaries, change the ceiling colour and reorganise the stores
Assistant 4 - Healing: This secretary will heal your Pokémon
In addition to this, you'll earn the right to recruit your fans in the avenue to become your assistants.


  • Rank 1+: PokeBall, Potion, Dire Hit, Guard Specs, Repel, Heart Scale, Pearl, Nigget, Fesh Water
  • Rank 20+: Super Potion
  • Rank 40+: Hyper Potion, Soda Pop, Revive
  • Rank 50+: Super Repel, Pearl String, Big Nugget
  • Rank 60+: Max Potion, Lemonade, Ultra Bal
  • Rank 70+: Max Repel
  • Rank 80+: Full Restore, Moomoo Milk, Max Revive


I would hate to spelling nazi but, you spelled nugget and fresh water wrong.