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ive been doing it right but doesnt seem to work, I've been depositing the Pokemon and withdrawing it right away after some battles but nothing goes up, it stays the same.

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explain your question
Stat Experience, for those that don't know, was what they called EVs in Gen I and II.
Yeah, but what isn't working about it?
Not that I'm going to answer this (due to my vow) but I want other people to be able to answer.
If you know what stat experience is, then you'd understand what I mean but it doesn't seem like you guys do.
we do, we just need to know what's not working about it...
Sorry I didn't explain well, but I hope I made it more clear.

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Usually, a Pokémon's stats are calculated upon leveling up; however, Pokémon stored in the PC have only the numbers used in the calculations stored, (namely the EVs, IVs and base stats) so depositing and withdrawing a Pokémon from the PC will cause its stats to be recalculated. By training or by using vitamins or stat-reducing berries, the number of effort values can be changed between levels.

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That is because that has not been invented yet. Well if you mean this. Send Magikarp in battle against Hypno. Withdraw Magikarp and send out Dragonite. Dragonite beats Hypno. Dragonite recieved 836 EXP. Magikarp gained 0 EXP....

I am sure I had the same problem before. But that technique has not been inserted into the game. if you are training Magikarp I guess you have to get lucky. well good luck....

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