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First of all, hi everyone it's been awhile, I've been so addicted to W2. Second of all, I can't battle N! It was a new season yesterday(winter) and I know already that you can battle him once per season.But then I went to his castle and he wasn't there. Does anyone know why he isn't there or how do I get to battle him?


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Did you catch Reshiram and Kyurem yet?
If not, that's probably why.

Also, did you meet him at the Ferris Wheel yet?
If not, head to the Ferris Wheel on Fridays and ride it with him. He'll then battle you once a season.

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Ohhhhhh, okay now I know what to do I already caught Reshiram so all I need to do is talk to him on Friday by the Ferris Wheel. Thank you soooo much Mew you're a lifesaver I've been waiting to battle N for 2 months already!  :)