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I think this answer question is same as this: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/126476/where-is-n-after-you-get-zekrom
Did you mean where you can find him in the game, or what his character now pursues after the events of BW2?
Seeing as the first question Emty mentioned is answered in the link above, I'm going to edit this post so it reads like the second question. Thanks for the flag.

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He's searching for Hilda/Hilbert

He mentions it after battling him in his castle:

To Zekrom/Reshiram:
"And Zekrom/Reshiram… thanks for everything. My journey with you has been truly wonderful! From now on, I want you to use your power to help this Trainer realize his/her dreams."
"I know. I'll miss you, too... But your task is to help humans who seek ideals/truth. I learned so much from you. I'll do my best to tell everyone else what I learned on my own."
"'I'll be OK! I can talk to Pokémon!"
"I'll become the bridge between Pokémon and Humans! That's my ideal/truth!"
"So… Rest well…"
", I'll entrust you with this Dark Stone/Light Stone!"
"Take the Dark Stone/Light Stone to Dragonspiral Tower!"
If talked to again
"Go to Dragonspiral Tower. I will… I'll search for that Trainer I battled two years ago. And… I plan to say thank you."

And again, after the seasonal battles, after being defeated:

"I remember something Zekrom/Reshiram told me once…"
"Zekrom and Reshiram are searching for new possibilities by walking alongside humans…"
"Meanwhile, those that live in the wild try to better themselves without relying on anyone else."
"There are many different Pokémon…"
"And their different ways of living… That is the true freedom of Pokémon. That is what connects Pokémon to us."
"I will set off on another journey."
"There are still many Pokémon in the world I should talk to."
"And there is also a Trainer I want to tell how I feel…"

So to sum up:

  • N wants to "bridge the gap" between humans and Pokemon as he can talk to both
  • N wants to find Hilda/Hilbert to thank him/her for helping him understand human-Pokemon relations better
  • N has also given up partnering with Reshiram/Zekrom so the BW2 protagonist can partner with them instead, so instead of flying it's likely that he hitchhikes his way across Unova, ensuring that he ends up in Nimbasa City for his Friday Ferris Wheel rides with the player. He probably spends his time solving the various crises arising in Unova, and is perhaps fixing the damage Ghetsis and Team Plasma (and he himself) caused in the preceding years.

  • It is possible he's taking up higher mathematics as implied by his mention of the incompleteness theorem. Maybe a Masters or a Ph.D.? He's only 20-22 years old after all, and taught by the wisest 6 sages across a number of subjects.
  • He plans to become a professional Ferris Wheel rider. Or own his own Ferris Wheel someday. Maybe because they remind of the time he was King and looked down upon everyone, which he can literally do now from atop Ferris Wheels.
  • He’s dating supermodel Elesa which is why he’s in Nimbasa City every Friday. If the player doesn’t go on to the Ferris Wheel, he takes Elesa instead.
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The ferris wheel is in nimbasa. Same with elesa.
Thank you so much! I feel kinda dumb now for letting that slip lol, you'd almost think BW/BW2 aren't my favourite games along with Emerald ://