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Is there any point is trying to get the best speed possible to move first? Even with my lev50 140speed Alakazam I still move second most of the time.


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I do suggest you to, as Gym leaders run EVs in PWT, usually.

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What are Gynecologists doing at PWT??
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It doesn't really matter in-game. It would make it easier for you if you could move first, yes, but it's quite possible to beat the game without higher priority. However, in Competetive battling it's usually good to move first.

It does, in this case.
Gym Leaders in there run EVs.
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And Mew, so you rekon it is worth trying to get the fastest speed possible? Cos I always get pwnd mostly because the opponent gets in 2hits and I only one.
I do. I really do.
I second that.