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Are they competitive (needs strategy etc.) Or are they purely hyper-offense like NPC and most In-game battle? I wanted to try the PWT/Battle Subway to buy funky TMs and Items from the PWT Shop and the Subway Exchange Corner


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Yes, they do require their fair bit of strategy. Pokemon have actual competitive viable movesets, and the AI is also a bit smarter. The trainers in the PWT also have competitively viable Pokemon, while those in the Battle Subway use Pokemon like we do in our playthroughs (not the anything will work because its ingame kind, though)

Source: Experience, the Bulbapedia pages for the trainers PWT and Battle Subway teams, and the fact that I'm actually playing B2 currently

Hope I helped :)

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Ahh I see. Thanks for answering! So, Subway battles are all-out offense?
I mean, you can brute force your way through them, but it's not as easy as other ingame trainers
I see.