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Just curious.

Cresselia is also allowed in, but it gets KO'd INSTANTLY.

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PWT considers legendary Pokemon as Ubers/too powerful and hence doesn't allow them in.
Within legendaries themselves there are huge power-drifts. Eg- The musketeer foursome (terrakion, virizion, cobalion, keldeo) are allowed in PWT as their base stat total (BST) doesn't exceed 600. But devastation incarnates like Kyurem-W which have BST of 700 would just make PWT too easy, hence they are not allowed.
Latias and Latios are considered to be one of the moderate legendaries and so, PWT accepts them in.

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Is the Soul Dew banned then? just out of curiosity...
I don't think PWT has any prohibition on non-duplicate items so yeah,
it's possible to bring doom on them with Soul Dew... :3
When I first discovered that my Latios was allowed in the Battle Tower, my theory was that Latios took the form of another Pokemon, like it can in the 5th movie.
You can't let the go in while they're holding a Soul Dew.You need to remove it before you let them in. I tried it. It leads to an almost easy loss.