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And better yet, how are ALOT of legendary Pokemon legendary if they have gender? Like cressila, heatran, etc.

well, I am going to be honest I have no idea.
But, Hetran has a gender and its a legendary. But in the movie Pokémon Hero's, they have a family, a Mom A Dad and the duo are brother sister.
Hope I helped!
I don't understand the logic behind "a Pokémon must be genderless to be legendary".

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Not every single legendary has to be non-gender in order to be one. Take non-lengendary non-gender Pokemon for example, such as Bronzor and Metagross. They're not legendaries, but they don't have gender.

Cressila is supposed to look like/be in some sort-of-way a girl. because obviously it just biasedly looks like one.

Heatran... for those reason, that's GF's way. Not ours to control.

Latias and Latios, however are somewhat-biased to have genders because 1) they look like brother and sister, and 2) they work together as a team (they have the same megas.)

They have similar megas*
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Legend means great/strong

And this means those Pokemon are strong or overpowered (with the exception of Manaphy, Jirachi, Phione and such). So legendaries can have genders, just not all of them do. Example, the Tao Trio (Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem). A dragon's gender is never mentioned in a fairy tale, just states a dragon is bad. But not necessarily in this case.

TL;DR: GF wanted it this way and a little logic

Hope this helps!