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So Latios and Latias are supposed to be legendary, and if Legendaries cant breed then why are there so many Latios and Latias in Pokemon Heroes?


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  • Nobody said that they were created through breeding. The could have been artificially created, for example.
  • The anime and the movies do not completely follow the game's mechanics. So it is possible that Latios/Latias were created through breeding.
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Also, Pokemon can't breed in the games mainly due to Game Freak not wanting you to overpopulate the game with such powerful legendaries, but explained as legendaries are in the "undiscovered egg group". In the anime, it's not like there's ever any explanation as to how normal Pokemon breed. There's even a Baby Lugia in the anime, which implies that Lugia are hatched like any other Pokemon.
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Pokemon is confirmed can breed even Legendary, in the case of Lugia and Manaphy. There is also Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres's egg in Pokemon Snap. So, Legendary is can be breeding, but Gamefreak cannot afford to let all people had Legendary through breeding.

Manaphy Egg = Manaphy Egg
Silver = Silver (Baby Lugia)

Hope my answer helping your question.