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I was wondering of putting Latias and Latios on the same team but is it a good strategy and plus I already have 3 Pokemon weak to ice types. And also Latias is already on my team. This is for Pokemon Black 2.

Don't go with both if you have three already weak to Ice.
Ok. Thanks. ^^

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No. They share the same typing, which is usually not ideal on a team. 4 ice weaknesses will make your team fall to just about any Pokemon with over 110 base speed and a strong ice type move. Also Latias should be replaced with Latios in-game, as defenses matter less and attacking power matters more. Hope I helped :)

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Thank you! :D
actually they are dragon and psychic not dragon and flying
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No. Apart from hving the same Typing they have almost exactly the same stats and learnsets.

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