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I'm not sure what they call it when you ride latias/latios in 3d, I know it just looks like this:
enter image description here

thanks so much if you can answer this, even if it makes almost no sense.

sincerely, skitty
enter image description here


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First its called Soar.... #2 You unlock the feature once you KO/Catch Groundon/Kyogre in the Cave of Origin. #3 after completing step #2 when you leave Steven Stone (Dude with gray hair) will give you the Eon Flute register it and most importantly HAVE SOOOO MUCH FUN USING IT.

P.S. This question made 100% sense so don't put yourself down. Have Fun! -PikaPi 3.14

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Steven has light blue hair btw; not gray hair.
Stevens also the champion, i was wondering if he was the son of the family that said thier son challenged the Pokemon league
btw i love to soar i didnt even know i had the eon flute
Steven is not related to the winstrate family. There son Vito is a cool trainer in Victory Road.
hi guys! both answers helped me out a lot, but most importantly, pikapi3.14's answer had a lot of pizzaz (however you spell it)! both gave an equal explanation, but pikapi3.14's answer had his/her own opinion and personality along with the right answer.
i thought u got it when u got Latios
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The effect is called Soaring and you can use it bye using the Eon Flute which is given to you bye Steven After you defeat/capture Primal Kyogre/Groudon.

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