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I need to know how I fly with Latias. I got the eon ticket on Omega Ruby how do I fly over the Hoenn region with Latias.

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Although Latias is obtainable in many ways on OR, the soaring function is restricted to Latios for this game, and Latias for AS. The Eon Pokémon exclusive to either game is obtained in an in-game event, along with the Eon Flute used to summon the Pokémon from any location, and the appropriate mega stone. Even if you have a Latias, the Eon Flute and a Latiasite, and Latios is removed from your game, you will be stuck with Latios.

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In Omega Ruby, you cannot fly with Latias, you can only fly on Latios.
The same goes for Alpha Sapphire but instead of not being able to fly on Latias, you cannot fly on Latios.

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Latias can only flown on in Alpha Sapphire. Unfortunately you're stuck with Latios.

However, Latias and Latios in their Mega forms look quite similar, so you're not missing much.


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