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i dont get it, how do you get their megastones? like
seriously tho,"....so confused


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The Latios and Latias Mega Stones have not been released. As a matter of fact, no-one is even supposed to know about them. A hacker found Mega Latios and Latias along with Diancie, Volcanion, and Hoopa in the game's coding.

Source: This website and Serebii

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It's likely these Mega Stones will turn up in the upcoming games, so we can look forward to that.
Or u can powersaves the latiasite into the game.
the prize for which people are entering the may tournament is the enigma berry right? and the enigma berry is usually assosciated to [email protected] here's what my crazy theory was when i heard this: ur supposed to give that enigma berry to some person in-game, [email protected] would be released in the wild, u catch it and it will be holding the megastone. quite farfetch'd isn't it?
But Game Freak forced Datel to remove Diancie, Latiasite and Latiosite(Go Game Freak!) from powersaves so you can't get them that way.
What's a powersave?
I thought Enigma Berry was Darkrai.
I think it could really be either now that you say it, but their is a pretty good chance that this time it is relating to [email protected]