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In the dreamyard, I found latias, and it ran around. I would like to know the steps to follow it so I can catch it.
Note, please don't post videos, and also include the shiny sprites of both latios and latias. Also include info for latios. Thanks.

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LatiosCatch these Pokemon!Latios

*Shiny Pokemon not promised
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>Start by ignoring the bush that requires Cut and just keep heading east, slipping through the gate. You'll see the Pokemon fly off to the west. Now go back and Cut the bush down, then head into the middle area of the ruins. Latios/Latias will fly off again, although this time over to the east.

>Head over to the stairs to the east and climb them. Up there, Latias/Latios will fly by once more, this time to the west. Head west yourself, all the way over until you can move south. Down there, just shy of the item, you'll run into Latios/Latias once again. Pick up the Ultra Ball, since it's right there, then head all the way back to where the stairs were and keep following the path east until there's nowhere else to walk. After saving your game, step on the space at the very edge of the ruins and Latios/Latias will appear once again, although this time it will fight you!

I really couldn't be bothered putting this into my own words, so here it is.
You obviously have White 2, so Latias will appear. You can only fight Latios in Black 2, with the mentioned steps above.

Hope I helped :3
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Ihad no problem catching Latios `cause of Bisharp and its X-Scissor XD