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So I was battling the Johto gym leaders in the PWT and I came across Whitney and her miltank. I sent out my Infernape and went for close combat. But her miltank managed to outspeed my Infernape! Here are the specs on my poke:

Ability: Iron Fist
Naughy nature (+Att, -Sp. Def)
252 Att 252 Speed 4 Sp Att
-Fire Punch
-Close Combat
-Stealth Rock

I would like to know if Whitney's Miltank is scarfed in the PWT. Thanks in advance! Just so you know, I wasn't holding any items during battle.

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No, her Miltank is not scarfed. According to Bulbapedia her Miltank holds a Liechi berry in the Johto Leaders tournament. The effect of a Liechi Berry is "If held by a Pokémon, it raises its Attack stat in a pinch." So it has nothing to do with her item.

Infernape has 108 base speed and Miltank has 100. Whitney's Miltank probably has perfect IVs which makes it outspeed your Infernape.

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Not even one of her Miltanks is scarfed. In the Jhoto Leaders Tournament, her Miltank is holding a Liechi Berry (Boosts Attack). In the Type Experts: Normal/World Leaders Tournament, her Miltank is holding the exact same thing: Lum berry (Restores any one status condition). In a download tournament called Challenge the Champion Lance, her Miltank is holding a Sitrus berry (recovers 1/4 of max health). But all CPUs in the PWT (Except Champions) have their Pokemon with 20 IV's in everything. So maybe your Infernape doesn't have good enough IV's in speed?

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