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For the Signboard Savvy medal.

If you can't do all of them, list at least 15.


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Pokémon Black and White and BW2.
Route 1
Make an effort to talk to all the people you meet during your journey! Chances are they will have something useful to tell you.
Route 2
Pokémon that participate in battle receive Exp. Points. Have your Pokémon battle often, and make them stronger and stronger!
Route 3
The Pokémon placed in the upper left of the Pokémon list is important! The Pokémon set there is the first out when a Pokémon battle starts!
Pinwheel Forest
A forest is likely to contain many well-hidden items! They may be hard to find, so look carefully!
Route 4
Pokémon have a source of energy for using moves. It's called PP, meaning Power Points. They have PP for each move. When a move has no PP remaining, that Pokémon cannot use that move. That's a good time to head for the Pokémon Center!
Route 5
There are different Cases for each type of item. Items are placed automatically in the correct Case by their type. The name of the Case tells you what type of items will be kept there.
Route 6
You can register certain items with the Y Button to use them easily! Look for a spare checkbox beside the name of a Key Item.
Route 7
The number of Exp. Points you get after a battle is based on levels.When your Pokémon is weaker than its opponent, it will get more. But if your Pokémon is stronger, it won't get many.
Route 8
Press SELECT to change the location of items in the Bag! Poink!
Route 9
Try pressing SELECT while organizing your PC Box. It'll let you move your Pokémon around more easily!
Route 12
Even the same kind of Pokémon can have different Abilities. Even if you've caught it before, try to catch another one!
Route 13
While you are using the Xtransceiver, if you press left, right up or down on the +Control Pad, the appearance of the screen changes in varied ways!
Route 14
1)Change your type on the Trainer Card to change how other players see you. You'll look different to others in the Union Room and the Tag Log! Match it with your introduction or character to show your individuality!
2)The maximum number of Boxes is now 24! In other words, you can store 720 Pokémon!