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Lets say I catch a Pokemon in route 10 in black and white.Then I trade it to BW2 games.When I check its status screen,what location will it say it was caught in since route 10 didnt exist in BW2?

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It will probally say apparentley caught in Route 10 or something like that

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Tested an it said exactly this:

Route 10, Apparantly met at LV. 39.

So, nothing really changes there.

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thnx,then what about cold storage?
Same thing, I tested it too. Not liked if it NEVER existed for BW2, it's just that Clay was selfish enough to cut a hundred of jobs for a crummy PWT place, that's it.
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well JCM you might be wrong.When my friend caught a herdier  in cold storage,he transfered it to B2 and it said"PWT,apparently met at lv.25"