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The ability's description says, "removes added affects to increase move damage". Would the special attack not be lowered, or would it be lowered anyway, or would it not have an affect at all?


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Sheer Force only removes positive effects, so No.

Curse you B3N (JK)
Thank you all for your answers. I was going to teach a Druddigon Draco Meteor if it did remove the lowered special attack, but I guess I was wrong about the actual affect. Thanks again! :D
That would've been a horrid decision anyway. Draco Meteor is Special, so even if it was the opposite of what was answered, SuperPower is far better.
Oh! I didn't think about that! XD
Don't you mean that Outrage would be a better substitute for Draco Meteor? I mean, I guess she's looking for STAB, right? Unless you think that Superpower is Dragon-type........
No, silly. I do not think Superpower is Dragon-Type. It would be much less used. It's just far better than STAB Draco Meteor on Druddigon. You're right, Outrage would be better on it.
I know that Superpower is not a Dragon-type attack too. When I said, "Oh! I didn't think about that!", I meant that I didn't think about having a physical attack instead of a special attack.
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No, it does not. I thought the same as you at one point, though and I was sad when it didn't work :(

Source: Experience with Overheat on Darmanitan

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Those moves have Recoil effects not Added effects. Added effects are like, 10% chance of paralyzing. So no.