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I know Celebi can do Leaf Storm and Charge Beam, but is there a pokemon that can learn this? Also, if anyone other than Smeargle can learn all 3, feel free to say so.


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Scratch my previous answer, I think there's a bug with our moveset searcher. Here are the real results:

Only Arceus and Smeargle can learn all three.

Pokemon that can learn Overheat & Charge Beam:
Mew, Ho-Oh, Manetric, Solrock, Arceus, Rotom-H, Victini, Zebstrika, Smeargle

Pokemon that can learn Draco Meteor and Charge Beam:
Latios, Latias, Jirachi, Giratina, Arceus, Hydreigon, Zekrom, Smeargle

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Screw 39 seconds :P :D
Umm, Klingklang can't learn Draco Meteor according to it's Dex page...
Pokemaster...can't only dragon pokemon learn Draco metero?
Also, I think the lists are mixed up. For example, Darmanitan learns Overheat but not Draco Meteor, and Zekrom learns Draco Meteor, not Overheat.
Yep there's something wrong with our moveset searcher. I've corrected the answer above.
You forgot druddigon
can Mew learn Draco Meteor?