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When I was hacking with my old AR, I captured Lucian's Espeon from Platinum. It seemed to have all 30/31 IVs. Is this supposed to be?? Did Game Freak design it like this? Or are they EV trained with varying EVs to make it look like flawless stats?? I've been wondering this.

BTW, it had a Calm Nature.

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Yes, the Elite Four have flawless IVs to make them harder to beat.
Source: I read this on another question on the site, can't remember what question, but trust me, a reliable answer said so.

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I'll be on later. ^_^
I think, anyway, mom or dad might want me to do something.
So the case finally comes to a close. I thought this would take much longer. Thx Slash.
By the way, Do they have set natures as well? I want to know if getting two Calm Espeons from Lucian was coincedance or not.
You're welcome.
And I'm not sure, but I think the answer is yes, they do have set Natures.