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Out of all the Pokemon games, what on average are all of the members of the elite fours Pokemon?
i don't want individual numbers. I want one number. what is the average of all of them?

Do we count a remakes of the original as a diffrent elite four average like as in ruby and sapphire elite four Pokemon are different for the omega ruby and alpha sapphire elite four average?
Yes. if the numbers are not identical, then it counts as a different elite four.
Too many math

*brain implodes*
indeed, i spent 3 hours working on an expansive answer but then I messed up and just decided to quit
If you were to count the actual mathematical average it'd be higher than any actual E4's levels, just take an estimated guess with good reasoning.
no it wouldn't, when i was doing it it ranged from 52-54
Is it possible to have an average that's bigger than the highest value used in the variable?

(That made no sense lol I can't math.)
I like Math!

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Currently, I am only going to calculate the average for only the first time you battle the Elite Four, however I might add the average for rematches later.

So, I've done the math (which took quite a bit longer than I expected.) and the average was
Which (obviously) should be rounded down to...

(Also, nobody saw me not round down)

Hope this helps!

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I thought I saw some rounding down going on… punks these days, always screwing up their maths.
but i saw it O3O
you stole my answer

Not me, I've never done any not rounding down in my life
I appreciate it. This helps. But why on earth are the regions best trainer's pokemon so weak? i mean they are the freaking Elite Four for Arceus's sake they should be close to level 70 at least. right? Game Freak needs to think about this when they make the next pokemon game. know what i mean? do i make sense? don't you think?
I don't know about you but I do NOT want to grind all the way to level 70 before fighting the Elite 4 :P Their levels increase drastically in rematches.
I feel like they've been lowering the levels of everything so much lately, I finished PSMD before me and my partner hit level 30!
well if they made the story line longer then you wouldn't have to grind all the way to 70. it would just happen naturally.