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on nintendo eShop for 3DS it just says:

Error Code: 005-6534

An error has occured (NO DIP SHERLOCK HOLMES)
Please try again later

If the problem persists, please visit (I DID THAT >:C)

Is the stupid thing down o rsomething? I have the moneyz. I haven't seen anyone else with dream radar so... heeeelp!

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im a bully. give me your moneyz! :P
ok, I still have £7.98 left so... .3.!
Are you trying to connect to the eShop or download it because IU think that's the same error code I have been getting. I am confused as well.
"NO DIP SHERLOCK HOLMES"  <--Looks suspicious
I am trying to download it, @ontheoffensive and whats so suspicious? :P
The "NO DIP SHERLOCK HOLMES" bit. That's the bit that looks suspicious.
Why though? There is nothing wrong with it
Well are you connected to the internet? Try re-connecting then if that does not work make a new internet connection then it should work.
I have it it downloaded easy! Well look down.
Nope... I was connected to the internet and I did these steps... please hide this
the No Dip Sherlock means it wouldn't take a Sherlock to figure out that there's an error.
sarcasm or not, its not suspicousa

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Go on Nintendo's website and enter the error code. They should help you.

If not, try again. Then enter the error code again.

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