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ive already caught tornadus on Pokemon dream radar, and bulbapedia says igglybuff and shuckle appear after you've caught tornadus.
but it's been something like 3 weeks since I caught tornadus, and I havent found not one igglybuff nor shuckle.
i cant wait any longer for these 2 to appear! could someone please help me?


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You must hit the green orb with your beam. (The orbs change colour continuously as mentioned in my previous answer.)
So when the orbs turns green, you must immediately hit it with the beam. This requires speed, otherwise you will have to wait for 70 minutes until the orbs have returned. In Pokemon dreamradar you need to have patience with these things. But since only two Pokemon appear in the green orbs you should immediately get iggylbuff or shuckle in no time.

Hope this helped

i dont really get what youre saying...