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I know that when Rotom changes its forme to the various appliances that it learns a new move.

But how does it work? Does it overwrite a random move or do you get to choose which one? And what happens when you go back to the normal forme?

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Rotom, Electric/Ghost type, has 5 different form if you get an event Secret Key, see this for the form move
if you have your Rotom to Fan Form (Air Slash) and you want to put it to Frost Form (Blizzard), then Air Slash will be overwritten by Blizzard. and if you want to go back to Base Form, IT'S GONE...and the last move will be empty! it's always overwrite your Rotom last move, so don't put any TM or move in 4th move, or it will be gone forever... that's all that I know, sorry but I'm not sure for the last sentence!
EDIT: If you change your Rotom form for the first time, you can choose a move that you want to overwriten. after that, you can't choose anymore...old move will overwriten by new move automatically!

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Well pick carfully you get to pick the move you want to get ride of but when you chang back normal the move is still there and you cant get any of the other moves but you can change form but remember you cant get the other moves only the one you picked first ill get back to you if I figue out how to pick another move

Thanks for the answer dragon poke master, but I don't understand it. (It would be better if you wrote it in sentences instead of one long one.)

Do you mean when you change back you get your original move back? So if you had Shadow Ball then overwrote that with Blizzard, do you get Shadow Ball back?
He is wrong