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Smogon said: Huge Power boosts Azumarill's attack near of Groudon. Hold up, Huge Power doubles attack. Azumarill has a 50 attack stat. That gives it a 100 attack stat. Groudon has a 150 attack stat. If Azumarill's 100 is so good, why are Pokemon like Emboar and Weavile, who have higher attack than it, discarded when Azumarill gets all the res.?


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All Azumarils use adamant bring their attack to 218.
With huge power it becomes 436, Groudons max attack.
The fact that the base stats are 100 in difference does not effect it.

Blisseys max Hp is around 700 at 235 base hp it still is not double a base 100s 404 max hp.
I see where your coming from though.

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Okay, thanks. I understand now.