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I have Medicham with a mega stone, I've gave it a mega stone, I just think I could do more.

(pokemon ORAS)

If you don't want to mega, you could scarf an adamant medicham with a set similar to below. Medicham is fairly slow, and this might help that.

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With mega Medicham, you want to use physical attacks only, since Huge/Pure Power only effects the attack stat. Make sure your Medicham doesn't have an Attack-lowering nature, since that would nerf it's power greatly.

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Nature: Adamant/Jolly
ZenHeadbutt (STAB)
High Jump Kick/Drain Punch (STAB)
Ice Punch (Coverage)
Poison Jab (Coverage)

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You might want a jolly nature, as mega medicham isn't the fastest thing ever.
Great comment Lunar Xerneas, In addition I would suggest Adamant or Jolly because they lower special attack. Because Medicham is so frail, you don't really want to lower any defenses or speed. Adamant gives more power but less speed whereas Jolly has more speed but less power.

While poison jab is a great counter to fairy types (and grass which is covered by ice punch), however other possible moves could include fake out for support, or bullet punch which also hits fairys  hard but also gives you priority but has less power.