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I want to know witch of these abilities is better and stronger for my azurill in black 2. I want my azurill to have the strongest ability out of these two. I know huge power is an ability only azurill can have, so should I have that ability because it is unique to azurill, Or is thick fat stronger? My azurill female has huge power, should I release it and catch another one with thick fat, or is she already strong enough as is with huge power? I like my azurill alot, but, I want it to be strong. I hope I gave enough info for this question to be anwsered and please help me soon! Thank you!

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No one's going to attack azurill with ice or fire type moves so thick is pretty much useless.

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...HUGE POWER... Thick fat if you want but it's later eveloution needs it to beet legends If you want to Have a high defense azumarill it's your choice Thick fat may be useful if it's marill and your doing Elsa's gym but huge power is recommended for doing Marlon and Fairbanks gym and it's useful in black tower and for beating black kyurem But it's your choice. I don't wanna boss you around and that.

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Yeah, I did end up keeping the azurill with huge power. Also, I think by the time I get to Elsa's gym it will be a azumarill, because it has already evolved marill. Thanks!
Now she/he (it changed Gender but she's still a girl to me XD) is a beautiful Azumaril. I re nicknamed her Azura.
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Huge Power is actually the better one here. Thick fat is great Defensively, but Huge Power DOUBLES you Attack stat. Azumarill's base 50 Attack stat skyrockets to a 436 Atk stat, with EVs, positive nature, and 31 IVs. The power you receive when having Thick Fat is quite low, but is good defensively.

Power: Huge Power
Defense: thick Fat

Recommendation: Huge Power

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Huge Power, since Azurill's later evolution already resist Fire and Ice types without Thick Fat. Plus the extra attack fro Huge Power is nice.

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DEFINITELY HUGE POWER. Azurill will evolve into Azumarill, and although Azumarill has some pretty ok stats for walling, Huge Power doubles its attack stat. However, Azumarill is not one of the fastest Pokemon, so if you use its full potential, you would probably want to breed Aqua Jet onto it, so it isn't that reliable. It is a good in game water slave though, and its really cute. But yeah definitely go for Huge Power.