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I was breeding for a Shiny Charmander with a Blaze Charizard and a Limber Ditto... I got a couple Solar Power Charmanders, though very few (point being I bred a hidden ability onto a Pokemon where the mother did not have it). I also thought that DexNav encounters were the only way to find hidden ability Pokemon, and Y does not have DexNav. If the answer to my original question is yes, what is the chance?

You could try encountering Swinubs in hordes. You can try using a weak ice attack on all of them and catch the ones that take less damage.
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You can't find hordes of those in XY silly salmon
Yeah, you can't find Swinub or Piloswine hordes in XY. Sorry.
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Depends on the method. If you just use the Friend Safari, you might find it. If you find it in the wild, never.

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Heavy Balls aren't in X/Y. Also, Piloswine and Swinub aren't even in the weight range in which a Heavy Ball would be better for capturing them than a normal Pokeball.
Ok, just try an Ultra Ball.
I mean if I bred a male with a Ditto, the offspring would be in a regular Pokeball, whereas if I used a female caught in an Ultra Ball (my personal favorite), the offspring would be in an ultra ball.
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And just remember, finicky means picky to an extreme extent.