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hi not sure which ability is bast
ev are in half in attack and defense / sp def max out / and speed
move set is Confide / Zen Headbutt / Milk Drink / Body Slam
held item is rocky helmet


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You should go for scrappy because it will have an offence towards ghost types with body slam.

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thanks for deciding for me  it helped a lot
I'd agree, scrappy allows for ghost type to be covered since ghosts also don't have affect against yourself being a normal type.
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I think thick fat would be a much better option.

You have zen headbut that can hit ghost types in a pinch and you would be better off facing a ghost type with a proper type advantage "dark/ghost".

Miltank is a tank type Pokemon (high hp, high defence). Give it the ability that would benefit a tank! like halving fire and ice damage with Thick Fat.

I think thick fat for more of a tank or scrappy for more of a sweeper. That's just what I think.
Miltank is a tank pokemon. Using it as a sweeper is kind of silly.
Yeah, you're right. Miltank plays better defensively rather than offensively. It's high hp and defense stat will be better with thick fat. I said scrappy because it has a fairly high attack stat and can learn some good physical moves.