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First go to where the magma stone is in black 2. Climb down the first set of stairs and the smaller second set. Take the second current and you should end up in p2 laboratory. Retrace your steps to the dryish land and go down and left until you see a small rock and a male swimmer swimming in circles. Take the narrow path going down from the left of the rock. Go down and left, careful to avoid all currents and you will be forced to battle a female swimmer. Go down and left after beating her, up and left and you should be where the battle girl is walking in circles also known as your final destination

Source: one hour of playing

This is black one not black 2
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Youtube always have videos on how to get by path blockers on routes. Use that link to find excatly how to get by it but all you really have to do is pick the right current. Trial and Error is you best bet if you dont want to look at the video.

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