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So my Pokemon has 9 spots for ribbons on Soulsilver. I have the Effort ribbon, Sinnoh champ ribbon, and the legend ribbon. With this Pokemon I also went to get a relax ribbon. But it doesn't show up in my ribbon page. Where is the relax ribbon located if not in the ribbon tab? And what other ribbons go in this tab?


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That's impossible.
>In Generation IV and V, more Ribbons were introduced, where they are viewable in the Pokémon's summary screen. While primarily obtained in Super Contests, Ribbons could still be obtained in a variety of ways.

All Ribbons show up on ONE page, no matter what. One tab. I have many experiences with Ribbons like Relax, Smile, and those Ribbons in D/P.

Are you sure that you actually got the Ribbon? You should try again.


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Ok... so it turns out Freeda didn't give me a ribbon..
I knew it lol