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I know that NU was hail and Uber is Evasion clause. What's being tested in UU and OU?

Smogon, btw.


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Ubers: Evasion clause.
OU: The most likely suspect is either Rain or Deoxys-D.
UU: Nothing.
RU: Hail, Cresselia, and Nidoqueen.
NU: Hail.
LC: Nothing.

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Hail isn't being officially tested.
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Nope, NU isn't testing Hail, brah. It's IN NU. Zebraiken doesn't appreciate quickbanning. :P

Ubers: Evasion Clause
OU: Previously tested Genesect, Kyurem-B and Garchomp.
UU: Previously tested Hail, which led to the unbanning of Hail in the lower tiers.
RU: Hail. Stupid quickbanners xD
NU: Previously tested Braviary.
LC: Nothing.


When I'm on Showdown, it says "OU Suspect".
Yeah, they just forgot to remove that. They usually remove it after 2 weeks or so.