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Most if not all of the Silvally types are in NU or lower, and Silvally Ice being in the lowest tier after LC (does LC even count as a tier). Silvally is literally a legendary and Type: Null is in higher tiers than some of the Silvally types.

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Silvally needs to hold a memory to be a different type, so it can't hold a better item like leftovers or choice scarf. It also can't learn stealth rock, recover, or a lot of strong physical moves.

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Silvally has balanced stats. While this isn't a bad thing, it means it can't excel at any one thing, and thus has a harder time finding a niche. It can be good at quite a few roles, but that's all it is. Good. Not great.

Type: Null can use Eviolite. This boosts its defenses, and allows it to have an easier time Toxic-ing the opponent, lowering Defense with Crush Claw, or what have you. Type: Null is slower than Silvally, but it still serves a viable role (not great, mind you, it's still in PU).

So overall, Silvally doesn't excel at any one thing, and cannot use the Eviolite like Type: Null can.

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