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Is Multi-Attack and the ability to be any type with RKS System better than the extra bulk provided by Eviolite?

Type: Null can't learn good healing moves, so I'd say the extra bulk is insignificant.
I have both on my competetive team and it works well enough (still thinking of replacing null though)

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It has a better movepool than Type: Null. Plus, it has the ability RKS system; Which makes Silvally change type depending on the memory it's holding. It has the signature move Multi-Attack that Type: Null cannot use. It changes its type depending on the type that your Silvally is.

However, Type: Null has weaker stats. If your Silvally is EV trained in speed and attack, it would probably KO Type: Null easily. (Silvally has way more physical attacks than special, so that's why I say that.)

So, I would say Silvally.

Sincerely; Choco.

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Not quite sure why it isn't allowing me to vote, but this is clearly the wrong answer.
Type Null with Eviolite is a flat out better competitive pokemon than Sivally. It can serve an all around defensive pivot with only one weakness and a physical attacking presence, a small niche but an alternative to porygon 2. Sivally just has underwelming offensive stats and a lackluster movepool, leaving it outclassed in every role it can try to preform in and you are always better off using a more specialized alternative pokemon that naturally has the typing you want.
I'd have to agree with Gecko on their points, though I wouldn't have it as clear cut and dry has "x is better than y" until both Sivally's and Null's niches versus other pokemon of the same niche have been properly etched into the metagame. I really don't like comparing two pokemon with different niches, unless we can 100% definitively say that Sivally's niche is this and this and Null's is that and that and Null is more relevant to it's niche.
Yea not letting me down vote either, but this " IWuvChocolate" comment is wrong.

Type null only has '1' weaker 'stat" everything else is the same

With eviolite the stats are higher than silvally, the only thing crippling type null is its speed, which can leave it at a bad 2OKHO situation with knock off mach punch user, or any fighting pokemon in OU

anything other than OU, i think its game to viably use type null, just watch out for howlucha and hitmonlee
plus it has 150 base stat less than arches and basically has Multitype
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Definitely Type: Null, mostly because of stats. Silvally's only difference is a sight increase in speed, so extra bulk can really help you out.

That's a very surface-level look at things. For example, Type: Null has to use an Eviolite, so it doesn't get the free item slot Silvally does, and as mentioned in the original post, Type: Null can't use any of the memories or the signature move Multi-Attack. There's a lot more to think about than just the stats.
It might be a simple answer, but it's the right one. Eviolite is one of the most useful items in the game. Sivally has a disappointing movepool and it's all around balanced stats unfortunately leave it without much competitive viability. The memory items in order to give it a stab attack do not raise damage of the attack like plates do for Arceus, and it's poor coverage outside of them, lack of reliable recovery and underwhelming offensive stats leave it unfortunately rather outclassed by any pokemon that naturally has those typings. There really is almost no situation where another pokemon could not outpreform Sivally. Type Null, despite the lower speed stat, becomes an incredibly bulky defensive pivot with enough offensive presence to be threatening and only one weakness when given eviolite. It acts as an alternative to porygon 2 with the ability to focus on physical attacks. While Porygon 2 still probably preforms in the role of an all around defensive normal pivot better than Type Null, it has a clear competitive niche and will settle much higher on tier  lists than it's disappointing evolution.
Completely incorrect, gecko
Type null has an extremely limited movepool, and the only way you'll be outperforming silvally is with eviolite boost, which would be a waste of time due to type nulls extremely limited defensive capabilities, with no defensive stat boosting moves type null can only offer little damage when built defensively, only useful for toxic stalling. and that's a huge discredit to this lines abilities
Silvally is meant to be a multi-brand sweeper, being able to take any position, a steel type silvally is going to be equalling null in most areas of defense and offers much more coverage do defend itself. Silvally can also take a much better special sweeping position with it's huge range of coverage options. You can keep your Type: Null, I'll be using it's superior evolution
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I would go with Eviolite Type: Null. Stat-wise, their stats are the exact same except for Type: Null's lesser speed, and even then, Type: Null's BST is greater than every starter in the series, with the exception of Swampert, Mega starters, and Ash-Greninja. While Type: Null does not learn as many moves as Silvally, it can still be flexible to a good extent with moves like Dragon Claw, Air Slash for Fighting types, Façade, Iron Head, X-Scissor, Tri-Attack, you get the idea. And the Eviolite gives it a great Defense and Sp. Def. buff so it can take a hit better than Silvally. As much as I love Silvally, I think Eviolite Type: Null would be better for competitive.

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I've been using Type: Null in VGC with a promising amount of success. I invested very heavily in bulk but gave it Adamant Nature with a few Atk EVs and considering it's bulkier that Porygon2 it gets off one or two Swords Dance's easily where Silvally cannot. From there it's just Return / Double Edge spam and perhaps the occasional Flame Charge for Kartana or Payback for Ghost types.

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I'm sorry for bumping an old thread, but I would like to point out that type: null and silvally serve different roles. Silvally is usually run offensively, with some defensive to take advantage of the optional type. It's amazing because your opponent may have prepared for one form, but you bring a different type and change the matchup into your advantage.

On the other hand, Type; null is usually defensive. It can't serve as well as silvally offensive-wise due to its lacking speed, so it usually wields eviolite to boost its defenses and toxic stalls. It's an extremely bulky Pokemon, but it's lack of recovery outside of rest, lack of utility moves and a bad defensive typing holds it back.

Once again, sorry for bumping