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I honestly don’t know which one to use... And which would be the best Plate/Memory for it?

Well, since Arceus isn't really available in Sun & Moon, I'd choose Silvally.
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Arceus is better stat-wise, and can use Z-Crystals like the plates. Silvally cannot.
I don't see any reason to use Silvally over Arceus if you can use either. Each of Arceus's stats are 25 higher than Silvally's, and Arceus can know moves like recover, defog, and extreme speed.
Arceus just outclasses Silvally in every way, man.
If Arceus wasn't level 100, I'd go for Silvally just so Arceus won't get crappy EVs due to ingame battling. Or I think the mechanics have changed now and you can EV train even level 100s. In which case saving Arceus for post game seems wiser if not EV trained.
The best plate for Arceus depends on the format. What format are you playing?
USE ARCEUS. just use it.

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Well you can't get the Memories for Silvally until the game ends, but for this question, lets assume you do. I would really say that if you want to keep the move that changes type with the memory or plate (Multi-Attack and Judgement respectively), it all depends on the type of fighter. A physical fighter is best for Silvally because Multi-Attack is physical, and Judgement is special.

Arceus can be a good physical attacker as well. Moves like earthquake, stone edge, shadow force, and extreme speed are all physical. Even when comparing Silvally to a special attacking Arceus, there are still almost no situations when Silvally would be better. Just use Arceus.
Okay thanks
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