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Pokeradar chain-longest=Aspertia city but How do I know if a basculin is shiny?

How do you chain in B/W2?
Wait a minute.  You can't get the pokeradar in Black/White 2!  Why did you mention the pokeradar in the question?!
I think he means the water bubbles...

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Uh... yeah. Shiny Pokemon always sparkle when entering battle.

The Shiny Basculin formes have slightly brighter green bodies than the normal ones. It is hard to see, but there is a difference between each forme of Basculin, both Red and Blue striped.

Shiny formes

Regular formes

Basculin Basculin

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They look the EXACT same. i reached a chain of 1000 and never saw a sparkle.
They don't. Their bodies are slightly brighter green than usual. And it may not have been a Shiny either.
You should. The Shiny forme is slightly brighter green.
Have a look now. Can you see the the difference?
Yeah, I see it.  Obviously.