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Not sure if this has been asked before, couldn't find it though.

What I mean is, do moves under 60, take the extra 50% from the Choiced item, before it does the boost for Technician, or after?

For example:
Breloom has Mach Punch. It also has a Choice Band. It uses MAch Punch. Will Mach Punch get the boost before the boost from the Band, or will the Band give Mach Punch the 50% first and Technician just goes bye-bye?

one thing: choice band doesnt make your moves stronger by 50%
it makes your attack STAT stronger by 50%...
i thought i should clear that up...

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Technician will still come into effect even with Choice Band or Specs is used.

Source:My Technician Choice Banded Scizor with Bullet Punch :3

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