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Say if a Porygon-Troll traced a Trollems sturdy. Trollem used earthquake, and then switched out and switched back in giving Porygon-Troll 2 turns to recover from having 1 hp left. Will sturdy work again?

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If you mean.... if you have a Pokemon with sturdy, and you recover it to 100%, will sturdy work? Well, then, yes. Though I don't think any Pokemon that can have Sturdy can learn any recovering moves. No wonder you did the trollem thing...

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wish passing blissey will definatlly recover all of its health
Blissy can have Sturdy???
... Wish passing? Ever heard of that?
Oh. Didnt see Passing xP
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Yes, as long as you have full HP with Sturdy you can not be OHKO'd unless by a multiple hit move, and there is no limit to how many times Sturdy can be used as long as you have full HP each time.

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they say basically the same thing, he answered first :P
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Yes, Sturdy will work everytime time you have full HP.

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