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E.g.- If a Pokemon like Huntail uses Baton Pass and a Sceptile uses Pursuit before that, will Pursuit's power be doubled.

Just to make it clear-

Sceptile used Pursuit
Huntail lost #% of its health
Huntail used Baton Pass
Huntal went back to [email protected]#$%
[email protected]#$% sent out Espeon

Will Pursuit have its BP doubled?


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>Baton Pass will not trigger Pursuit.

Baton Pass on Bulbapedia
>This does not apply if used on an ally switching out, used on a fleeing Pokémon, or when used on a Pokémon using Teleport, Baton Pass, U-turn, or Volt Switch or being forced to switch out.

Pursuit on Bulbapedia

Final Answer?

No. Will not double in power.

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