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I've narrowed it down to two Pokemon. Gliscor and scyther. They will be baton passing to,

Azelf @ Focus Sash
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
Zen Headbutt
Knock Off
Thunder Punch
Fire Punch

The sets I'd give the baton passers are below.

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Poison Heal


Scyther @ Eviolite

Their EV spreads, natures, and move sets are identical

252 Def / 252 SpD / 4 HP
+ SpD - Atk or SpA
Baton Pass
Swords Dance

Lastly, it HAS to be this moveset, unless you can find a much better one.

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With great speed and good bulk with eviolite he can easily setup and BP onto a poke
Gligar is probably next best with great defensive bulk and poison immunity but special defense is average
Gliscor has amazing bulk and gets healed from poison, But when he BPs he will also pass on poison from the Toxic orb to azelf. Which will break your sash and slowly Cripple you.

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^ Good point about the Toxic poison being passed.
it doesn't pass major status ailments, only confusion.
Ive had burn a Paralysis BPd onto a poke thinking the same thing.
lemme test real quick...
poison apparently doesn't pass, that's what this site said. Thanks for the answer!
i just testes it on showdown, it doesn't pass, and no problem.
I'm seeing gligar basically stink for the baton passer. I'll edit out gligar.
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Ok, there is already a great answer up, but I could help too. I would use Gliscor, as I have him and he works great. Scyther just doesn't have enough bulk to set up swords dance and agility both. I mean, maybe with eviolite and EVs he might have good defenses(his defense still wouldnt be higher than Gliscor's), but then again he has lots of weaknesses. So, yeah.... I'm pretty sure Gliscor would be a good baton passer.One more thing though..... they both might want to outspeed threats, so maybe put some speed Evs into them. Hope I helped...

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gliscor, the poison heal helps recover from substitute, and has plenty of bulk to take some hits.

So it subs, then SD or AG, then the other one, then BP (substitute, swords dance / agility, the other one, then baton pass)?
you sub, then agility ( gliscor can use it to quickly use sub), then rinse and repeat and swords dance to, just watch out for taunt.
or however you want.
That also works, nice answer!
Mew also works and is the bulkiest with = defenses and the most hp, and no 4x weaknesses.
[email protected] leftovers
evs: 252 hp; 176 def; 76 sp def; 4 atk
nature: sp def+; - sp atk
-baton pass
-swords dance
-flame charge ( no agility)
I don't want to use a mew. Plus, I don't have one. I would use if I could and wanted to. Honestly, I see why use a mew, but ya.