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Keldeo Resolute
December Pokemon Dolls
Special Sinnoh Pokemon

All three of these are current Pokemon Dream World Promotions

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The Keldeo Resolution needs KELDEOCGEARBW2
AVDANGD is th code for the December Dolls.
For the Special sinnoh starters: Using a presumably unique code in specially marked copies of BW2 in Walmart, you can choose to get one of the three Sinnoh starters.
I have also got the Keldeo Resolute Skin. Which does not require any password.

I just found this new website which tells you ALL latest events.

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December Pokedolls: AVDANGD
For the special sinnoh Pokemon: its not repeatable and you must go to walmart and buy a new B2/W2 game and the code will be in it.
and personal experience

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