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Are there any pokemon that have all stats with a base of over 100, but speed under 50, and not a legendary. If not what is the best all around slow pokemon, that isn't a legendary?


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Wobbuffet does! xD just kidding... maybe you don't like this, but try Gastrodon! it's only has 1 weakness (grass type), it's better than Whiscash and Quagsire, and it's easily cover it weakness (it can learn Ice Beam and Sludge Bomb)... I know it's base stat aren't 100 all, but if it's EV trained, it can be a strong Pokemon! that's my opinion...

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There is a tyranitar with base stats over 100 but sp attack of 95 and speed of 61. Hope this was helpful:)

Yeah it was. I'm looking for a pokemon with less weaknesses though. I don't want more than three weaknesses.
That is the closest. The 2nd closest is metagross but the base stats aren't all 100.