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I want a bulky Pokemon that has speed boost and can learn swords dance and baton pass
Edit: I'm sorry if my question was confusing
I wanted a Pokemon rack up speed boosts and attack boosts to baton pass it to my garchomp to use as a sweeper

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There are no bulky Speed Boost users. The winner of highest Defence is Yanmega with 86 Base Stats, and the highest for Special Defence is Blaziken with 70, and neither of those stats are even close to being "bulky".

Ninjask is best, as stated in luke777's answer, as it can run a speedy Protect + Substitute stall set that will rack up a lot of Speed (and Attack if you get a Swords Dance) to pass to another team mate. Mind its weakness to Stealth Rock, though; after switching in on rocks, it won't last long with Substitute eating it's HP.
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Sorry but the only really good speed boost baton passer with swords dance is Ninjask but I wouldn't call him bulky.

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Here are some Pokemon with the ability Speed Boost, there aren't many at all.
So I've compared the defensive stats of all the Pokemon in this category, here they are:

  • Ninjask - HP: 61 / Def: 45 / SDef: 50
  • Yanmega - HP: 86 / Def: 86 / SDef: 56
  • Blaziken - HP: 80 / Def: 70 / SDef: 70
  • Sharpedo: HP: 70 / Def: 40 / SDef: 40

So as you can see, Yanmega and Blaziken are both bulkier than Ninjask and Sharpedo, so let's take these two out. As you can see, Yanmega has nice Defence, but bad Special Defence, Blaziken has good around stats.

enter image description here - Yanmega is one option, enter image description here - Blaziken is another.

So this means that both of them are the bulkiest Speed Boost users, however investing any bulk into these with EV's and Nature is not a great idea, as they are both pretty frail either way. Out of these, Yanmega is slightly bulkier in HP and Defence, whereas weak in Special Defence, Blaziken has slightly lower HP and Defence, however the Special Defence makes up for that lack of Defence. As I said earlier, investing bulk into these will do nothing. Hope I helped you to chose a Speed Boost Pokemon :]

Yanmega doesn''t learn SD or BP
problem is blaziken is hard to get hold of and speed boost is dream world and to get a yanmega you have to have a pre-lv 33 yanma and lv up when it learns ainciant power
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The Pokemon with the best defence stats is Evio Cumbusken 90 Defence and 90 Special Defence but only 60 hp. Blaziken has 70 Defence and 70 Special defence but 80 hp.

Some Damage Calcs


252+ Atk Dragonite Outrage vs. 4 HP / Def Eviolite Combusken: 222-262 (84.73 - 100%) -- 6.25% chance to OHKO


252+ Atk Dragonite Outrage vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Blaziken: 295-348 (98 - 115.61%) -- 87.5% chance to OHKO

So yeah Evio Combusken is better as a wall but Blazikens Attack stat is amazing that's why he is in ubers.

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Ninjask is the bestenter image description here

Ninjask ability is speed boost, and Ninjask can learn Swords Dance at lvl 25 and Baton Pass at lvl 45

Ninjask isn't really bulky tho
How is Ninjask bulky exactly?
Sorry but the only really good speed boost baton passer with swords dance is Ninjask
Dude, he was asking bulk!